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Electrical Construction Plans


NJ Property & Construction Management LLC is a full service Property Management, Construction Management or a Consultant that will allow you the experience, benefits and knowledge to supervise a property and/or the job from a top notch professional.


General Contractor

Many of our professional clients prefer to enter into a comprehensive, contractual agreement with a qualified General Contractor, allowing them to partner with a sole entity throughout the construction project. NJ Construction Management LLC.  was built on 40 years experience as a General Contracting company. We are fully capable of performing commercial, residential and industrial projects at the highest level of competency and professionalism. A vast network of strenuously vetted subcontractors and highly-qualified employees, allows JRB Construction Management to meet any market need.

Construction Management

Many of our corporate clients prefer to partner with a Construction Management firm that manages all aspects of the construction project while maintaining financial autonomy over contractual agreements with contractors and subcontractors. Our team of highly knowledgeable and organized Construction Managers have partnered with corporations and their representatives to establish a clear direction and specific parameters for a successful construction project. We have helped numerous clients streamline the construction process from conception to completion while ensuring quality work, minimizing cost over-runs and meeting aggressive schedules.

Reviewing Construction Plans
Making Notes

Owners Representative / Construction Consultant

Often, our clients look to a professional consulting firm to provide valuable resources and advice when conceptualizing a construction project. Having a reliable company that can be called on as-needed proves to be cost-effective and prudent. Our construction consultation group has been involved with many corporations and building owners during all phases of construction including:

  • Feasibility reports

  • Budget analysis

  • Design criteria

  • Schedule creation

  • Construction implementation

  • Code adherence

  • Closeout procedures

By outsourcing their construction needs, NJ Construction Management  has helped numerous companies limit their waste of resources with timely, cost-effective advice.

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